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Seek First Your Kingdom?

"Seek first the kingdom of God and ALL of its righteousness" ( Mathew 6:33). We love to quote it. We also love to convince ourselves that we are walking in it. Because I love you and well... I love me, I would like to take a trip down "Examine Our Hearts Land". The word says in Corinthians, " Test yourselves to see if you are in the faith; examine yourselves!" 

I think we genuinely would like that scripture to be true for our lives. But, many times I  think we are sorely missing the mark. It's more like " We seek first our Kingdom and 'some' of His righteousness and want all things given unto us." In true fashion we like to create grand ideas, businesses, churches, plans and lives...sprinkle some Jesus on it and call it a God thing. We obsess over our purpose when in reality we are here for God's purpose (that's an entire other post). 

I get it. I get you. You want to do great things for God. You love Him. You like Him. You also really can't stand pain, enjoy comfort and really really want to succeed. Yes, oh darn it. You are human. How dare you!?! :-) 

But listen here friend. As you examine your motives, your moves and your plans ask yourself is the SOLE purpose of your existence to seek after God, spread His word and hunger and thirst for righteousness?  Are your prayers to further His kingdom and see lost souls saved? Or are your prayers to see the "thing" he gave you succeed? We get so caught up in our talents, gifts and ways to be great that we forget what makes us GREAT. That is knowing Him. 

I find many times when talking to Christians it's more like, " I believe in God and so I want to use my gifts for Him". That's cute. But what's even better is LAYING your life down for Him. (Mathew 16:24). Laying down your life (eek you mean my cool life?), picking up your cross (woa that sounds heavy and I'd rather just piggy back off your cross Jesus) and follow Him (follow you? But before you rose you were beaten, persecuted and in TOTAL self denial). That sounds like a lot. Can we just meet Jesus at the resurrection? 

In the midst of your 10 steps to success please do not forget about the Gospel. Jesus is not a self help guru. He is Lord. He's not here to just, "make your life better". He is all that is your life. A sprinkle of Jesus may be convenient. But don't you just hate it when you get to the middle of a delicious ice cream cone and the sprinkles are gone? You can't take in a sprinkle of something that is meant  to sustain you. Jesus isn't a cool T-shirt, blog, business, hobby or after thought. He's not an addition. The scripture  says, "all of these things will be added onto you". This means that things are the addition. Not Jesus.