Sharing revelation and information without a strategy or call to action to live it out is no longer a means for ministry.

Lately, I have been slower to speak than ever before. This is because I have come to understand that truth should set free, truth provides solutions and truth heeds action.

Gone are the days you drop a prophecy on someone and leave them to figure out life. Gone are the times of releasing the next deep word to the saint who can’t even hold together a single day. Telling me to hold on because I’m going to the nations, but I can’t even afford a bus pass. Please buy me the bus pass. Take me under your wings, teach me life and equip me to go. Then… yes, SEND ME!

Something I learned in the marketing world is for every initiative to have a CALL to Action. Some of you may or may not know that that last few years I’ve had an undercover business where I consult large churches and ministries. It sometimes annoys Pastors when I simply ask. What for? What do you want them to do? How will this change people’s lives?

I cringe every time I get a call. “Jess I have an idea!” Me… on the inside. “Oh another conference, another event, another fast, another series, another copy of what you saw the other big church do 5 years ago?” AWESOME. *Imagine my face with those thoughts*

Great idea! But, what mark does it make on eternity? Fabulous event but a year later will it have truly impacted that person’s life? I didn’t grow up in the church, so I am quick to say, “that’s cute but very pointless.”

This is not to say any of those things are wrong! I sing at them, speak at them and attend them and see GREAT work done at many of them! But, I am challenging you as a ministry to dig deeper.

Your lessons should be less about what people SHOULD do and more about HOW they do it. We love to use words like empower when describing what we do because it’s so vague and really provides no actual explanation for WHAT is being done or needs to be done.

I see so many great men and women of God just dropping RANDOM bits of truth and random words. Much of it comes off just that way. Random. People grab a little of this and a little of that, but you haven’t laid out a path of actions that lead to transformation. My heart hurts because many of them feel if they were younger, cooler or had bigger budgets that things would change. But, that’s not true. Longevity is the result of being humble enough to adjust strategy to the people you yearn to impact. Face that even if you have been doing this for years that maybe as times change you do not know so much what you are doing anymore!

I am not saying that God is not using it. But for those of you that are afraid of branding and marketing because it seems unholy. Consider that a theme or a clear focus of what your ministry provides to people will help them incorporate the changes that your truth guides them to.

Consider that your anointing was put inside of you to change lives. And if you just slow down a little bit. If you take the time to unpack your purpose, then you can build and fuel the ambitions of hundreds even millions of people.

If your ministry is failing or your church is declining, be encouraged. Rest. Stop turning your wheels. Stop ministering in fear. Pause and ask. “God, what are you calling me to help them to do.” Peel back. Take your budget and use it there. Trust me I’ve helped build the most beautiful brands, and dopest stages. I’ve helped picked the most fire setlist and dope graphics. But in my wee little years, I’ve seen nothing more potent than, LIFE CHANGE. You can do this. Refocus and REST. <3